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Welcome to Canton-Cherokee radKIDS

radKIDS is the national leader in children's safety education. Join us, have some fun and learn some effective lifelong personal protection techniques useful against bullies, predators and other bad people.

"Being able to say no and it's not my fault and I can tell is incredibly important When you think of all the children out there that are being manipulated, assaulted, those few that are abducted. We need to empower (them) with an understanding of what their choices and their options are." - Ed Smart on HLN, February 2011

Why radKIDS?

radKIDS believes that the best way we can protect our children is to empower our children with information and resources they need to immediately recognize danger and respond effectively in protecting their safety. This does two vitally important things. It eliminates the fear, confusion and panic that is inherent in dangerous situation and replaces that fear with confidence, skills and self-esteem. The key is giving them the power!

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